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Manufacturing of gold bracelets and necklaces since 1977

The styles of Vieri's products range from a wide array of basic machine-made chains (finished and by metre), fancy chains, various lengths, thickness and alloy to satisfy the requirements of its clients.
Vieri's production is mainly addressed to wholesalers, importers, and manufacturers and it has consolidated its presents in both national and international markets. Today Vieri deals in all five continents.

Stabilimento Vieri a Cassola


Vieri Spa was founded in 1977 by a family who was already in the gold business in the 19th century. In 1989 a group of shareholders took over the company with the aim to keep up and improve the know-how achieved and press further in technological innovation.

Thanks to the expantion policy put forth by the company's leadership it has brought about a constant increase in Vieri's investments, production, dimensions thus strengthening its presence worldwide.

Today Vieri Spa is able to offer a greater and more complete range of gold bracelets and necklaces. The realization of its products take place in the plant at Cassola (Vicenza- Italy), where the entre cycle of production is produced.


Vieri Spa presents itself as a typical industrial firm. The management structure is devided into functional areas with a person in charge for each area.

  • General management
  • Production management
    New technology
    Research and development
  • Sales management
    Customer care
  • Administration management


Technology innovation of machinery and product, professional team work and the satisfaction of its clientele are Vieri's hallmarks.

Vieri's mission is therefore carried out with the utmost flexibility in order to fully satisfy the diverse requirements of its customers and in terms of production. This is also thanks to ongoing research, expantion, customer service and ensuring puntuality.


Vieri's production capability is characterized and driven by the fact that the whole cycle of production is done in its headquarters at Cassola.
Vieri's leadership in the market is due to ongoing investment and utilization of cutting-edge technology.

The various cycles of production are:

  • Preparation of alloys
  • melting stage
  • gold wire-drawing lamination stage
  • machine production stage
  • soldering or welding stage
  • inspection or testing stage
  • gold beating stage
  • diamond cutting stage
  • cutting stage
  • mounting stage
  • galvanic stage
  • quality control stage
  • testing fineness stage


Vieri's can boast a wide range of high quality products.

Our collection comprises of all the most important types of classical and modern gold chains using updated techology and machinery. We also produce semi-finshed items in order to finish off the articles.


The makets of major expantion are: Italy, Europe, U.S.A., South America, Japan, China, Indonesia, Arab countries.


Vieri's products are in accordance with European and Italian standard quality norms therefore, guarantees the application of CEE92/27 regulation, which reduces the amount of nickel in gold items.
Vieri is able to offer top quality articles due to its highly technological machines.

Company's belief

One of Vieri's key to success is strongly believing in the importance of human assests.

Human assets together with technological development are two strategic factors that Vieri believes in and makes them part and parcel of its policy.

Customer care

One of Vieri's strong points is building a sound buisness relationship with its clientele based also on punctual deliveries.

It is for this reason that the company invests heavily on infrastructureand all the services that satisfies its clients.


Delivery dates are meticulously respected and terms of delivery for purchase orders depending on quantity range from 30 to 60 days.

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